Sailing upon a dhow in the turquoise Indian Ocean, Sabine and her partner Ryan drifted past tiny islands with perfect flat strips of white sand beaches, and crystal clear water lapping the shores. The perfect vessel from which to discover their new surroundings from the water. Local fishermen and artisans wearing brightly coloured textiles were seen selling their wares, a glimpse into traditional ways of life. 

In Zanzibar City's old quarter - Stone Town - Sabine booked into the Emerson Spice, a restored Merchant's House. It's sister hotel, the Emerson Hurumzi, boasted a wonderful dinner location on it's terrace - with the best sunset view in town.

Days were spent wandering bustling bazaars and the pungent spice markets, which have been a mainstay for as long as people can remember. Losing themselves within the labyrinthine alleys, it was easy to spot the City's famous ornate doors, arches and balconied dwellings which grace the buildings. A must for any visitor. They moved on to a fascinating tour at the Mtoni Palace ruins, learning of the lifestyle once enjoyed by Arabian royalty.

A quick visit to the Baraza Resort spa for a rejuvenating massage lived up to it's recommendation, and left them refreshed for onward travel.

Final days of their trip were spent in Tanzania's beautiful national parks, wild camping in Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara. A magical encounter took place as Sabine and Ryan enjoyed an evening with the Maasai, chatting through the night about their pastoral nomadic life, patriarchal culture, polygamy and education.

 Yaitte - Zanzibar boatsYaitte - Zanzibar women

Yaitte - landscape boats

Yaitte - Zanzibar alleys

Yaitte - Zanzibar Royal Palace

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