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People & Planet




We invest considerable time into researching and carefully choosing the people we work with to create our pieces.

Factories (family run knit mill example)

All of our employees are treated with respect and paid fairly....etc and we expect the same from our partners. We choose to work with partners within Europe to allow us to maintain full visibility of our supply chains, as well as verifying our fabric mills certifications and manufacturing technologies.




The majority (can we say this??) of our pieces are crafted and printed in England. We choose to work with individuals and companies based in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint, and to utilise and celebrate the skillsets we can access locally.

The exception is our organic cotton t-shirts which are made in Portugal by a friendly, quality-driven team working from a carefully selected factory. The factory.......(any info?)




We believe that to fully appreciate the world we live and travel in, part of our responsibility is to give back where we can to those who find themselves in need. YAITTE will be partnering with focus charities which tie in to specific moments of need, and our love of travel and the world.

The first of these partnerships is with The Trussell Trust to help fund Food banks during the COVID19 crisis. Food banks support the most vulnerable in our communities, and have been heavily impacted by COVID19 restrictions. £10 of every sale of our limited edition organic cotton T-shirts will be donated direct to The Trussell Trust during 2020.




We deliberately create limited quantities of all our pieces, and request pre-order on a number of items online to reduce waste stock, and to ensure that each piece we create is delivered to an individual who will cherish their item for years to come. 

Our upcoming collections will feature pieces crafted from deadstock fabric salvaged from another luxury brand closing for business, therefore saving useable fabric from landfill. This enables us to breathe new life into existing textiles. These particular fabric bases have since been tested to verify their composition and are certified to being Made in Italy. 




As a brand based upon travel and exploration, the ocean is hugely important to us. Oceans, seas and coastal areas form an integrated and essential component of the Earth’s ecosystem and are critical to sustainable development.

To avoid unnecessary use of plastic which ends up in our seas, we have committed to packaging made from certified sustainable sources; 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, and printed with water based inks. In addition, our bespoke tissue paper is fully.........?




Designing and producing considered quality clothing which really stands the test of time is one of the most environmentally-conscious and sustainable positions we can adopt as a brand. We are sourcing, making and redefining our sustainable goals behind the products we design for YAITTE, helping to create a better future.