Our Sustainable Journey

YAITTE is grounded in a conscious and considered mindset. 

TRACEABILITY is at the core of our business model, so we meticulously select our partners to ensure transparent and ethical supply chains. As a London-based label, we are proud to work with specialist artisans in Europe who align with our values and impeccably craft our garments. 

SOURCING the highest quality sustainable materials is an evolving process - we’ll never settle for second-best.

Our Cotton Shirts:
We partner with our Italian mill who are a committed member of the BCI*, GOTS and OCS organisations.
*The Better Cotton Initiative is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder governance group that promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices across 21 countries. As of 2017, Better Cotton accounts for 14% of global cotton production.
Our Denim:
Bringing denim to our collection has been a considered journey, and each piece has been designed to stand the test of time. We worked meticulously with our Portugal manufacturer who use the latest technology to reduce the amount of water and chemicals usually required to create denim. 
GOTS ECO Silk Twill:
This Spring we are launching our first silk twill set which is GOTS certified. The certificationis recognition that the product is sourced, processed and manufactured sustainably from start to finish.
Our Leather:
Our soon to be launching new leather pieces have been handmade throughout the production process. Our nappa skins are a byproduct of the human food chain.

PROTECTING THE PLANET AND OUR PEOPLE is paramount, so we will always treat our employees with the utmost respect and pay them a fair wage.

Our PACKAGING is 100% recyclable, printed on FSC-certified biodegradable paper using water-based inks.

….And that’s just the start. We are committed to making sustainable, responsible choices every day to minimise our social and environmental impact. All acts, big and small, count.